Art Fair Terror........

Out of the Blue #2 - Acrylic on canvas, abstract painting by Rachel Maritz

Now I totally understand that in order to get seen and HOPEFULLY sell your hard produced artwork Art Fairs are a good way to go. The problem, for me anyway, is that Art Fairs = forced human interaction! Don’t get me wrong, I like people, I can chat with the best of them (give me a bottle of bubbly and you’ll never shut me up – why oh why is drinking frowned upon at art fairs!), what I find very sweat inducing is talking about myself and trying to sell my work with people I have never met before.

​​Like a lot of artists I am a self-proclaimed introvert, I am happy with my close circle of crazies to socialise with, residing in my studio or lounging on my couch (I’m like a beckon of exciting right?), so having to step out of my comfort zone and form coherent sentences that convey what my inspiration was (I’ve got a whole other rant in me about inspiration, stay tuned for that one), or ((shudder)) what deeper meaning this piece represents for me fills me with dread. I am very lucky to have a husband who is a champion chatter however, where he gets his ability to converse with all confounds me but I’m not gonna look that gift horse in the mouth! So while I can usually be found rocking in a ball in the corner Mr Maritz is front and centre wooing all and sundry - it’s a seriously good thing he knows all about my paintings.

I put this out there for two reasons, first, massive thanks to Waynne for saving the day on more than one occasion when the curse of the introvert renders your wife speechless, and secondly because I have been accepted to exhibit at the New Artist Fair in September – shameless shout out…….

So in short if you would like to meet a babbling mess of an artist who will probably talk about their dog rock on up and say hello - or of course you can just come along to laugh at the sobbing mess in the corner, your choice!


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