Waynne & Rachel Maritz

We are a husband & wife team who just like to create.  We bounce from idea to idea and love seeing what we can up with.  Some of our work is a collaboration, others are singular. 

Both of us are self-taught which just means we have spent many years playing and sometimes making fantastic mistakes.  Waynne is the master wood worker, Rachel is the painter. 

We live with the one & only wally collie Alfie, who takes neurotic to a supreme level and his hardcore and demanding brother Roscoe who takes playing & cuddling very seriously (this house defines madness now!)

We have no idea what we will end up adding to this site, it’s all an adventure……

Emails:  Rachel - rw_maritz@hotmail.com  | Waynne - maritzdesign@outlook.com
Tel:  07748 575943 (Rachel) | 07769 696286 (Waynne)

Facebook / Instagram:  rachelmartizart | maritzdesign